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What is the difference between a colonoscope procedure?
Eliminates the need for sedation and because the capsule is a disposable product there is risk of infection and does not require admission to the hospital.
Can a patient go through a CE Scan or MRI procedure after the capsule endoscope procedure?
The patient should be instructed not to undergo MRI and CT examinations after the capsule procedure.
Are there any problems with taking images of the gastrointestinal tract?
It takes 12 hours to secure images of the esophagus to the colon.
What is the purpose of the new product E.G. Scan™?
E.G. Scan™ is used to assist in the diagnosis of GERD (Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease) and other esophageal diseases.  Upper gastrointestinal illness can also be diagnosed.
Is the MiroView software compatible with hospital network and PACS?
After the MiroView™ connection with the hospital network, the images can be uploaded to PACS through the MiroView™ software. 
What is HBC (Human Body Communication)?
Also known as electric field propagation uses the human body as a conductive medium for data transmission from the capsule endoscope to the electrodes attached to the body.  As a result, this technology spends less energy for data transmission, confers a longer operating time, and provides high-resolution images.
Is there a function that helps reading the patient file effectively?
The Express View eliminates similar images and the Range View can be used to identify landmarks and disease pathologies by viewing a total of 9 images before and after the main image. The MapView is a collection images from the procedure, compressed together side by side ultimately showing the true color of each GI tract.
Can the capsule position be located during the capsule procedure?
Using MiroView RTV, the application software for the MiroCam® System Real-time Viewer, to observe the MiroCam capsule endoscopy procedure in real time.