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we will become the world's best capsule endoscope company

Painless, safe and accurate diagnosis of GI disease is becoming a core part in the current and the future R&D area of medical devices, hospitals, and MD community, where all the most sophisticated up-to-date technologies of electronics, mechanics, optional and chemical engineering got to be perfectly integrated.

Incepted in 2004, our team has directed enormous efforts to developing a wireless Capsule Endoscope ‘MIRO’. It is expected to navigate inside of human body and to provide unprecedently vivid images of digestive organs to MDs for better diagnosis and treatment soon.

IntroMedic is truly one of the pioneers in the wireless capsule endoscope world. We have already earned the fame of excellent technology and the world recognition for the superior safety, image quality and comprehensive GI coverage of MIRO.

Instead of being satisfied with our current achievements, however, we are devoting ourselves to enhancing its functionality to make ‘smarter and smarter evolution of ‘MIRO’

We welcome all the proposals and plans of related technologies, bisiness and MDs for joint-research, exploring new applications and business models in order to ultimately ‘healthy life’.

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